Facebook and Instagram Server Down: Meta server stalled across the world

Meta's Facebook and Instagram Down: While Facebook users are facing problems in logging in, on the other hand Instagram has also been refreshed.

Facebook and Instagram Server Down: Meta server stalled across the world

Facebook Instagram Global Down: 

Facebook and Instagram, the social media platforms under Meta, have suddenly come to a standstill today. The special thing is that not only in India but all over the world, the servers of Facebook and Instagram are down. People are facing problems in logging in. At the same time, the sessions of those users who were already logged in to Facebook suddenly expired.

Instagram open problem 

Users have expressed their anger over Facebook on the social media platform. According to the information, it suddenly stopped at 8:52 p.m. Not only Facebook but also Meta's Instagram is down. CEO of Meta informed that this problem will also be solved soon. This problem is being faced all over the world due to some issue which we will fix soon.

Facebook and Instagram server down

Users are continuously sharing information on social media about the problems they are facing in using different platforms of Meta on X. Let us tell you that while on one hand people are complaining about the use of Facebook on X, on the other hand people are also sharing a lot of memes.

During this time, social media users have not shied away from having fun with Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg. During this time, people even said that Mark Zuckerberg is also commenting about coming to India.
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