Data theft of 1 million Facebook users

Facebook reported – 400 apps misused users' login credentials

security checks preventing login

Meta warned its Facebook users of data theft. Facebook reported that 400+ apps on Android and iOS misused them by stealing their login credentials. A case of theft of login credentials of more than one million Facebook users has come to light.

The vast majority of the photograph editors, games, VPN administrations, business and utility applications have seen such mistakes.

security checks preventing login

Facebook detected 400+ such apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store to protect its users. who were misusing the login id of facebook in that app 

The users of these apps were being used for wrong purposes by stealing the Facebook credentials. user's

If you also want to keep your account safe, then you can use two tools of Facebook.

  • security checks preventing login

  • security check preventing login

Meta shared information on social media

At Facebook, Threat Disruption Director David Agranovich and Malware Discovery and Detection Engineer Ryan Victory said they have shared information about these malicious apps to Apple and the Google Play Store. Google and Apple have blocked and removed all these 400+ apps from their platforms as soon as they received information about the disturbances shared on social media.

Do not login on new app

Giving information about the theft of data, Facebook also issued security measures for the Facebook ID of the users. After users download any new app or apk, keep in mind that those apps do not ask you for user credentials. You need to be careful in using such apps.

The organisation sought solutions from protection researchers, coverage makers within the social media enterprise to keep away from such threats.

These apps shared information

• Photo editor app that asks permission to take your photo.

• VPN apps to increase browsing speed by blocking content and websites

• Utility apps like Flashlight Enhancer.

• Gaming application that brags of excellent 3D designs insight.

• Providing information on health, lifestyle, fitness tracking and horoscope app

• Businesses and ads that provide hidden features management app

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