India's first flex-fuel car Toyota Camry launched: Know all about it

India's first flex fuel car will be launched on 28 September. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has told about the flex fuel car launch. There are over 25 million flex fuel cars operating in the US. At the same time, auto giant Toyota Company launched India's first flex-fuel car.

first flex fuel car

The specialty of flex-fuel car is that the vehicle runs on ethanol and other fuels including petrol. The price of ethanol in India is Rs 55 per liter.

India to become top-global producer

Kenichi Ayukawa, President, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers said that India has set a target to become the top global producer in all segments of the vehicle. India will achieve this target in the coming 25 years 2047 with the initiative of Flex Fuel Car.

Many companies are taking out vehicles

Apart from Toyota, other automobile companies in India are also planning to launch flex fuel vehicles in 1 or two years. However, people in India will have to wait three years longer to buy these cars from the showroom. By 2026 people will be able to buy cars from showrooms

What is Flex Fuel Technology?

Flexibility As the name suggests, the 'Flex-Fuel Technology' car also works on fuels with ethanol mix of up to 83% including petrol. These cars are running in countries like US, Brazil and Canada.

According to a report, as of 2019, Flex Fuel had more than 22 million cars in the US. The US Department of Energy said that adding a high ethanol blend to the fuel can improve the performance of the car. 

Why is it different from a petrol car?

Most of the parts of this car are similar to that of a petrol car. These have an internal combustion engine, which also runs on petrol or up to 83% ethanol mixed fuel. However, some parts of this car are only compatible with fuels containing ethanol.

Warning on engine overuse

There have been some modifications to the fuel pump and fuel injection system. To utilize the high oxygen content of ethanol, an engine control module has been installed in them. These modules monitor and control the fuel mixer, ignition timing and emission system. The engine will give warning on overuse and also detect other problems of the vehicle.

What are the advantages of this car?

Flex fuel car owners can switch to ethanol to drive the vehicle whenever they want. They have more options than petrol vehicles, you get to see in this car by selecting cheap fuel. You can run your car by switching on that fuel. While petrol in India is getting costlier than Rs 100 per liter, ethanol is being sold at Rs 55 per litre. With the advent of these cars, India's fuel dependence on other countries will also be greatly reduced. And people's dependence on petrol will also work.

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