5g launch in india on October 1, PM Modi will launch at India Mobile Congress

5G service will be launched in India on October 1, PM Modi will launch at India Mobile Congress

5g launch in india

5g launch in india

 PM Narendra Modi will launch 5G service in India on 1 October. The government's National Broadband Mission tweeted this information, saying that taking India's digital transformation and connectivity to new heights, PM Modi will launch 5G services at the India Mobile Congress on October 1.

5G will bring a big change in Indian business

Industry sectors such as manufacturing, energy and utility, banking, transportation, healthcare, sports, entertainment and retail are expected to pick up pace as the use of 5G increases.

But also 4 challenges..

  • There is a large section of the country's population where digital services have not reached.
  • Lack of digital literacy and skills is the biggest challenge among such people.
  • Due to this, a large section of the population is not able to contribute to the digital economy.
  • If they are made digitally skilled, they can bring a big socio-economic change.

When will Jio 5g start?

From diwali 

Reliance Jio will start 5G services in select cities of the country including metros by Diwali this year. After this, the company will increase the coverage of 5G every month. Similarly, Bharti Airtel has also said that it will start its 5G service within a month. The company plans to launch 5G service in all urban areas by the end of 2023.

Companies will spend 1.56 lakh crores on 5G infra

Indian telecom companies will invest Rs 1.56 lakh crore by the end of 2025 to create advanced infrastructure for 5G. The GSM Association (GSMA) has estimated that this will not only create about 3 lakh new employment opportunities, but will also provide a big support to the economy.

According to the report, the use of 5G in key industrial sectors is expected to add about 36.40 lakh crores to the economy between 2023 and 2040. In the report titled 'India on the Road' 1. A large section of the country's population is such that it has been said that the 5G ecosystem is being benefited by the manufacturing sector as well as the use of various applications in the retail, information and communication technology and agriculture sector. will get from The manufacturing sector will account for about 20% of the benefits to the economy from 5G.

Need for clear policy guidelines

The central government, however, has allotted two carriers of 250 MHz each in the E-band to telecom companies to launch 5G services. But it may not be enough to accommodate the increasing usage and data traffic of 5G. In such a situation, there is a need to issue clear policy guidelines on the allocation of required spectrum.

Big opportunity for consumers, companies

According to the report, 5G service in India is presenting significant opportunities for both the consumer and the companies. Given the importance of 5G in India's digital future, it has become important for the government and the telecom industry to develop the mobile industry and ensure its sustainable growth.

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