Maxima Pro Samurai Smartwatch Price in India,Specification and Review 2023

Only 3 times charge in 1 month! Such a new smartwatch for such a low price!

Maxima Pro Samurai smartwatch

Maxima Watch has launched a new smart watch device in the Indian market called Maxima Pro Samurai Smartwatch.

These Maxima watches are commonly known as non-calling smart watches. This means that these Maxima smartwatches do not have the facility to accept calls via Bluetooth. But, this smartwatch does all the other smart things seamlessly.

Maxima Pro Samurai Smartwatch

The special thing is that the battery life of this smartwatch is excellent. More importantly, this watch comes at a sticky price. Come on, what's so special about this new Maxima smartwatch? Is this smart watch a good buy for the price? Isn't it? Let's see Maxima company said that Maxima Pro Samurai Watch will be the smart watch with the facility to accept calls at this price.

The call accepting feature means that you can accept incoming calls on your phone through the watch. But since it doesn't have a mic or speaker, you can't talk through the watch. This is the difference between watches with Bluetooth calling feature and watches that attend calls. In this post, you can see in detail about other features of this Maxima Pro Samurai Smart Watch.

Maxima Pro Samurai Smartwatch specification

The Maxima Pro Samurai Smart Watch by Maxima sports a 1.85'' HD display with 600 nits brightness and touch support. Also, this smart watch has features like enhanced user interface, screen lock, call notification and call pickup and more than a hundred watch faces.

Is it enough to charge 3 times in 1 month? is it true?

It also has sports tracking feature. The Max Pro Samurai smartwatch by Maxima is guaranteed to last up to ten days on a single charge. Along with this, it has been told that you need to charge only 3 times in 1 month. It is noteworthy that English, Hindi and other Indian regional languages are also available in this smart watch.

Maxima Company has developed this Maxima Pro Samurai Smart Watch keeping in mind the expectations of the customers. A survey conducted by Maxima revealed that most consumers expect their smartwatches to have a call answering feature. It is because of this that Maxima, which until now only made calling smartwatches, has developed the Maxima Pro Samurai smartwatch for the first time with a call accepting feature.

Maxima Pro Samurai Smartwatch price

The Maxima Pro Samurai smartwatch by Maxima is priced at Rs. 1,499 will be sold for Rs. Maxima's Managing Partner Manjot Purewal said that with the aim of making this smart watch accessible to more and more people, they are offering this device at a lower price. Overall it is a good smartwatch with good features. Best option for those who want long lasting battery.

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